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The Deer People

The Australian Deer Association

The Australian Deer Association (ADA) is a national hunting and deer management organisation established in 1969 to be advocates for our wild deer herds and ethical deer hunting.

ADA promotes safe, responsible and ethical hunting and has an established presence and members in every Australian state and territory.

ADA’s members are dedicated to the retention of habitat for deer and other wildlife, the preservation and extension of access to public land for hunting and recreation, the sustainable management of deer as a resource and the management of deer hunting to perpetuity.

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Upcoming Events

Learn the how, why & where of hunting

The Australian Deer Association is hosting FREE public information sessions in February and March in Victoria (in Clyde and Tyers) for people interested in starting out deer-hunting. No hard sell and no obligation, just the best tips from the people in the know.

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NSW R Licences Restored

The R Licence suspension has been lifted.

To find out more about the resumption of hunting in NSW State forests or the additional requirements to obtain permission to