Hunter Education - QLD

Queensland Hunter Ed Course 2015

The 2015 course will run in the heart of red deer country at Lake Perseverance Centre 60 Minutes west of Brisbane. Book on-line here.

Participants enjoy a mix of theory and practical sessions covering:

  • Australia’s deer species
  • hunting and the law
  • firearm safety
  • firearms for deer
  • bushcraft and survival
  • animal welfare
  • deer tracking
  • stalking
  • carry out and break down
  • an intensive full afternoon field trip into deer habitat
  • caping and trophy care
  • meat care
  • deer management and considerations of the future of Australia’s wild deer and deer hunting.

The course presenters and organizers are all experienced hunters and give their time free of charge to ensure that as many hunters as possible can attend at a price which is as little as one third of that charged by commercial operators.

For all enquiries please email us here.


Branch Events

Riverina Gourmet Venison Day Next Saturday

The Rivena Branch is holding a Gourmet Venison Day next Saturday 23rd May at Apex Park Hall Lake Albert, Wagga Wagga, commencing 8.30am


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Deer a Problem?

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